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Looking for hardwood floor installation services? Or maybe your installed hardwood floor needs a little makeup? We have been providing hardwood flooring and maintenance services for over 18 years now. We specialize in areas of hardwood flooring, installation, sanding, repairs, base and window molding, and refinishing within New York.

Whether you’re working with pure Hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, Bamboo, or Laminate flooring, you can trust our experienced team to deliver with unwavering consistency. Here is an expanded view of our services.

• INSTALLATION: We provide hardwood flooring installation services to both commercial and residential sites. Our team will work with you to install hardwood floors whether on a new construction or an existing site. We allow you to be in full control of your dream floor by letting you choose the design elements, wood species, installation types, and finishes.

• SANDING: We understand that sanding hardwood floors can be a nerve-wracking task. Luckily, our team has years of experience sanding off old scratches, stains, and finishes as well as new hardwood floors. We have all the right skills and ability to have it done the right way.

• REPAIRS: Our team uses its experience to comprehensively repair hardwood floor damages. We don’t just “fix”, we’re all about quality and longevity. Whether it’s a single cracked board, discoloration, stains or a major damage, we are determined to make your hardwood floor look new again.

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Our goal is straight forward.We’re here to accommodate homeowners,businesses with the most highest quality of Hardwood Flooring,Sanding , Refinishing , Installation and Repairs.Superior products, expert advice, affordable prices.